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„Developing a personal research strategy“ workshop

On Friday, November 22, starting at 16:00, a workshop titled „Developing a personal research strategy“ will be held at Koprivnica University centre.

Target of the workshop is to get the candidates acquainted with the steps that precede the writing of a doctoral dissertation, such as problems of research topic selection, topic contextualization (epistemology, theory, methodology, methods), literature search, writing notes, determining research questions, problems and hypotheses, determining research goals, etc.

Since all PhD students are obliged to develop a research plan in cooperation with their mentors and apply for the topic of the doctoral dissertation by the end of IV. semester, this workshop will supply the candidates with all academic tools necessary for successful completion of those tasks.

The workshop will hosted by: prof. dr. Ph.D. Marin Milković, prof. dr. Ph.D. Jadranka Lasic-Lazic, Assoc. prof. dr. Ph.D. Iva Rosanda Žigo, Assoc. prof. dr. Ph.D. Ljerka Luić.

For registration, follow the link:


Dear all,

1. In the module Methodology there are three courses offered (Analytical tools for ICT support for communication and media, Methods of communication research in the digital space and Methodological approaches to digital intelligence research in the field of media and communication).

2. In the module Theory there are two courses offered - Public relations management and Communication and media from the perspective of publishing.

3. To individual doctoral candidates (see the document in the attachment named Module Research) within this group of courses. You can choose a course at:
In case a doctoral candidate finds that due to these changes he/she is missing one course in the module Research, they should make a selection on the link. So, this refers to those who, when enrolling into the second semester, chose the following combination of elective courses: Digital communication research and Public relations management.
The deadline for selecting the courses for all modules is Thursday, 4th April.
All those doctoral candidates who want to attend the Academic Skills Workshop, may still apply by Tuesday, 2nd April at: