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Media and Communication

Doctoral Study

General information

Structure of doctoral study programme




Information context of the Media and Communication Studies

Cognitive aspects of Communication

Communication and Media from the Perspective of Publishing

Theory of Information and Communication

Media Theory and main Approaches to Media

Public Relations Management



Analytical Tools for ICT Support of Communication and Media

Analytical Models and Simulations of Interpersonal Communication Protocols

Media Content Research

Communication Research Methods in the Digital Space

Methodology of Scientific Research

Methodological Approaches in Researching Digital Intelligence in the Media and Communication Area

Synthesis and Presentation of Scientific Data


Research seminars:

Electronic Media in the Republic of Croatia

Epistemology of Information and Communication Sciences

Intercultural Communication – Cultural Criticism

Communication Competence in the Context of Professionalization

Concepts and Theories on the Influence of Media

Marketing Management in Publishing

Media Intertextuality

New Trends in Media Design

Scientific Education of Journalists

Organisation and Management of Corporate Information Security

Organisational Communication

Politics and Media: Dialectics and Dichotomy

Media Semiotics

Theory of Mass Communication – traditional and digital media

Personal Data Protection in Media