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First doctoral conference for doctoral candidates in the Media and Communication study
The Doctoral Conference for doctoral candidates of doctoral studies in the field of media and communication is held for the first time at University North, and is organized by the Department for Media and Communication. The aim of the Conference is to enable doctoral candidates and young scientists to present their own research in an encouraging and professional atmosphere independently or in collaboration with their professors, study counsellors and mentors. The Conference is of international character and is open to all PhD candidates in the field of information and communication sciences, as well as those from related technical and humanistic disciplines. The interdisciplinary character of this symposium will enable participants to exchange various experiences and provide them with the possibility of establishing a network of associates as an incentive for further scientific and research progress.

Papers are proposed within the context of the following topics

  • Creative use of information technologies
  • Analytical tools for ICT support for communication and media
  • Publishing industry – the context of technology and contemporary trends in publishing
  • Cognitive aspects of communication
  • Synthesis and presentation of scientific information
  • Communication competence in the context of professionalization
  • Analytical models and simulations of interpersonal communication protocols
  • Organizational communication
  • New trends in media design
  • Digital communication research
  • Marketing management in media and publishing
  • Public relations management
  • Personal data protection in the media
  • Information security and business information protection
  • Semiotics in mass communicating
  • Media and politics
  • Media, text, society, culture

Important dates:
Deadline for abstract submission: 31st July 2019
Notice on abstract approval: 2nd September 2019
The date of the Doctoral Conference: 27th and 28th September 2019
Deadline for submitting papers: 30th November 2019

Abstracts are to be submitted by the above mentioned date to the following e-mail address:

Organizational committee
Full Professor Marin Milkovic, PhD
Associate Professor Mario Tomiša, PhD
Associate Professor Iva Rosanda Žigo, PhD
Assistant Professor Gordana Tkalec, PhD
Jelena Blaži, doctoral candidate
Višeslav Kirinic, doctoral candidate
Mladen Greguraš, doctoral candidate